FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1- How can we volunteer?

Being a SOFRAA volunteer requires professional and personal commitment, flexibility and adaptability to handle new situations and challenges, and the ability to live and work in another culture with an approach that values two-way learning and mutual respect. So If you have the will and you want to make a difference in the world you are always welcomed to be “Safear” or ambassador for humanity with SOFRAA Organisation
Please go to "Volunteer" page and fill in the volunteering form (will be available soon) and we will get back to you in 72 hours maximum.

2- Do you have age restrictions?

All above 18 years old are welcomed without any restrictions, while Volunteers under 18 years old are accepted with parental approval form signed and accompanied by a responsible guide. So eventually you are all welcomed.

3- How can we help?

You can help by Donating or getting involved by Volunteering, project fundraising, joining an event or becoming a campaigner and spreading the cause.

4- How can I donate?

There are four ways to donate:
A. Hand donation:-
Available only in countries that SOFRAA Organisation works in.
B. Western Union:-
Payment through Western Union Wire transfer system. This is done through any of the nearest Western Union Agent in your area. We will send you all the transfer information by email and when you finish the wire transfer, please email us a scan or photo of the Wire transfer receipt document and we will notify you when we receive the donation.
C. Bank wire transfer:-
Payment through Bank Wire transfer. This is done through any bank branch that you have a bank account in. Again we will send you all the transfer information by email and when you finish the wire transfer, please email us a scan or photo of the Wire transfer receipt document and we will notify you when we receive the donation.
D. Online donation:-
Our online donation is still in progress so it is not available right now.
Please if you have any question email us at donate@sofraa.org

5- Where Do My Program Fees Go?

SOFRAA Organisation administration doesn’t benefit from anything you pay or donate. SOFRAA Organisation administration has its source of funding that it is not and never will be related to your donation. So your fees or donation goes to:
A. The project:-
This will help the community by all means available like orphanages, schools, Healthcare centers and Workshops helping the community to sustain itself.
B. The Volunteer facilities:-
This fee covers airport pick up, accommodation, and meals.
So keep in mind that all profit goes to the charity projects ONLY.
SOFRAA Organisation is very transparent with fundraising and financial issues. Trying to provide the most efficient volunteering programs for volunteers and community that they work in.

6- What are the vaccinations that we need to take before traveling to Uganda?

Although we offer a suggestion for vaccinations, don’t rely on it and make sure that you visit your travel doctor to update you with the vaccination you should have.
Legally Required:
Yellow Fever
Recommended vaccinations:
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Cholera (when epidemic)
Tuberculosis (when epidemic)
Antimalarial tablets:
Lariam “Mefloquine” and Malarone are both considered an effective antimalarial tablets.

7- When do I need to get my Ugandan visa?

Visas can either be acquired on arrival or before you leave. It is up to you how you get yours but there is generally no problem getting your visa on arrival.
Remember, as a volunteer tourist all you require is a tourist visa.

8- How long can any volunteer stay in Uganda?

Volunteers can stay from 1 week to 6 months and even more. It is upon their choice but a Ugandan visa is valid for three months initially. For those who intend to stay for a period longer than three months, after your visa expires the program staff will help you to renew your visa at the Ugandan immigration authority in Kampala.

9- Do you give volunteering certificates to students?

Sure every volunteer who passes the volunteering program will be evaluated and given a certificate at the end of the program.

10- Is it secure to travel and volunteer in Uganda

All SOFRAA premises are secured by guards and fences so you will have a safe stay while outside SOFRAA premises it’s usually safe but also always follow your local SOFRAA guide rules to keep safe and avoid trouble.

11- How can I know the progress of the project

Visit our Projects page to check on our updated progress.

12- Are you a legal & a certified NGO

Yes in each country SOFRAA works in it is a registered NGO.