Sofraa adds actions to good intentions,
beliefs to ideas and wellness to humanity

It was a seemingly innocent, short 6 day visit to an orphanage in Uganda back in 2011, but its shocking, eye opening and heart awakening effect lingered. This was the spark that set our philanthropic souls to motion.
We are passionate believers in the power of actions and goodwill, that together we can improve so many lives in so many countries. Therefore we have made it our prime cause to work and cover all the fields and facets of charity including: Development - Specializing in social and educational development - Health care - Emergency relief and volunteering.

*We are an all-charitable-humanitarian-Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2014.


Sofraa aspires to see the poorest communities enjoying distinguished educational, medical, environmental, cultural and social services and to become one of the lead organisations in the field of volunteering


Our mission is to combat poverty through developing the marginalized and disadvantaged communities, and improve their educational, medical, environmental, and professional services as well as offer relief services to them,showing the true spirit of our Faith spreading the means of peace and prosper life.


The Spirit of "LetaArafo" "To know one another" in Arabic, highlights how we cannot be ourselves without a community. Health and faith are always lived out among others, an individual's well-being is intertwined with the well-being of others. We are here to support a life of peace, justice and encourage all to prosper.
It is an enormous task and one that we all must take some responsibility for. Just imagine if we all did.

Our Values

Equality and Diversity

We believe in meeting the needs of the most disadvantaged in local communities irrespective of their Race, Color, faith, beliefs or age


We believe that integrity is vital to every aspect of our work. We strive for honesty, professionalism and bringing our best effort to all that we do

Respect& Collaboration

We promote mutual respect as well as open, collaborative relationships within the team and with our supporters, partners, and grantees.

Continuous Learning

We strive to foster an atmosphere that supports continuous learning, enhancement of both individual and group impact as well as reflective candid evaluations of our work and the work of our grantees.


We embrace the spirit of an explorer – open to creative and engaging new approaches, taking risks and nimbly adapting to unanticipated challenges and changing environments.