.. and as we speak
We have lost a child, a mother and a drop of hope

But at the heat of darkness,
lies the possibility of changing it

Through the past two years, our destinies met with the destinies of people in Uganda and both have been changed forever. Although our efforts were minimal and the path is really long, but to someone, these efforts meant something

You simply showed the true meaning of humanity, that thing can’t be acting you must be believing in it. A man who doesn’t know me and we never met comes from a country which is thousands of miles far to help me that’s fate, I am sure I am blessed.

Agnes Kisamee “Moussaex-debt prisoner”

You opened the path of light again to my family now we won’t sell the house, thank you the officers are talking all over about you, they think you are crazy to do that and I am blessed to be the chosen one.

jawally Jawally “Ex-debt prisoner”

We shall pray to god to help you come back to us, we the people who live in a village to find a young man like you coming and staying with us to help us! That’s great especially when it’s the first time to meet one from your country. You are now my son

Agnes Agnes "Head of the orphange house"

By helping these people get better education, shelter and care through Muzungu’s project pillars, we:

Tripple their chances of surviving AIDS

Help increase the individual’s income by 25%

Increase the survival of healthy families and hence save the 5,760 child from becoming orphans