Sofraa First Project in Uganda started by the name
of Arabian Muzungu

The African Spirit of Ubuntu – “I am, because we are.”

Mzungu is a Southern, Central and Eastern African term for a person of a foreign descent. So if you're a white person coming to Uganda, get used to the expression, as you'll hear the greeting 'how are you Mzungu?' everywhere you go.
The initiative was based on providing assistance and enhancing livelihoods such as distribution of food , digging boreholes, getting people out of prison by paying their debts, paying school fees for students who cannot afford it.

Project Pillars

Project Land
We aim to purchase a piece of land between 3 to 5 acres by the water near Jinja city, to attract more volunteers who are the core success of the project.
Orphanage and DayCare
Achieving the first milestone in our dream with an orphanage to be a shelter fulfilling the basic needs of orphaned children including accommodation, clothing, food, health and especially love and care.
In Progress
School and Library
To start realizing our teaching and education goals by developing the academic ability of poor schools facilities, help the needy reach the level of quality education and to have an effective role in reducing illiteracy in Uganda.
In Progress
Health Care
To combat the large percentage of diseases and illness of the people, improve the quality of healthcare facilities, provide suitable healthcare education and to raise the community hygiene awareness.
In Progress
To teach the community and students handcraft work and to help the community be more self-sustained.
In Progress
Volunteers Facilities
To provide affordable and good accommodation for the volunteers whom will be the core success of our project with their contributions and help.
In Progress

Project Sustainability

Sofraa is a self-sustained project because it is planned to be fully supported later on by the contributions of its volunteers and by the small projects made for the community.
Once the volunteers' facilities are established, volunteers plan to become the working labor for the later construction phases cutting down the high labor cost. Also, volunteering is a concept revived by the project,when qualified individuals from international backgrounds are gathered that would contribute to the success of the project.