What has been done in Uganda:

- Digging of a new 13 boreholes
- Repairing and maintaining 8 wells

Distributed 3600 Kilos of meat during feast and Ramadan

Renting on orphanage house for children

Helping 25 people getting out of prison by paying their debts

Buying and disturbing 106 goats for the local people to help them sustain a living

Building 4 mosques

- Building 4 new classes
- Paying school fees for 10 children - Distributing 193 school bags
- Buying 193 school shoes for children
- Buying 660 schools books and pens for children

And we are planning to make it BIGGER,
Join us in one of our volunteering programs

Volunteering Programs Overview

Sofraa Organisation appreciates the concern, time, effort and money you will invest in any of its projects and programs. While you are volunteering, remember that you are a “SAFEAR” or representative for your country, ethics, beliefs and Sofraa Organisation. You will meet many new people with different cultures and backgrounds whether it is Ugandan or other nationalities, if this opportunity comes from an open mind can allow you to embrace, listen and learn about different cultures and ensure you leave with an all-round positive outlook on life.

The Sofraa Uganda program places volunteers in a variety of projects including:


Uganda education system is very poor; however children are very enthusiastic and eager to learn.

Program Objective:

To re-equip poor schools to help children in need to have quality education.

Program Mission:

To teach children between 4 and 17 years old subjects which includes; English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education.

Experience required:

Volunteers DO NOT need professional teaching experience , volunteers simply need enthusiasm and patience.

Placement description:

A wooden class school located in the rural village of Wakisi 20 minutes from Jinja, this school has over 140 children ranging from the age of 4 to 15. Before the establishment of this school, many children were not attending school and others were walking up to 10 kilometers everyday to attend school in a neighboring village.
This is one of the schools among several others than Sofraa is developing.

Orphange Work

Uganda has around 3.1 million orphan child most of which have become orphanages because of HIV/AIDS. SOFRAA Uganda orphanage project places volunteers in orphanages to fulfill the basic moral needs of these children and to assist local staff in the day to day arrangements of the orphanages. The volunteers play a key role in ensuring these orphanages operate effectively.

Program Objective:

To fulfill the basic needs of orphan children including accommodation, clothing, food, health, quality time and psychological well being.

Program Mission:

Volunteers are required to help the children in their studies, assist in their breakfast preparation, dorms cleaning, clothes washing, water collection from wells and children entertainment.

Experience required:

Volunteers DO NOT need any qualification or experience; they simply need patience and caring nature.

Placement description:

SOFRAA orphanage Placements are the ones which really need help so don’t expect to work in a high quality orphanage.

Construction and Renovation

Ugandan communities lack important facilities like childcare center, schools and healthcare centers. Uganda’s infrastructure is in a bad need of maintenance and improvement.

Program Objective:

To secure a source of funding and a helping hand for the community’s facilities, to renovate and reconstruct them.

Program Mission:

Volunteers are required to assist in manual labor jobs alongside skillful and unskillful local workers, to help with the construction work.
Tasks would include but not limited to; construction, renovation, painting, landscaping, refurbishing sports fields, and brick laying.

Experience required:

Volunteers DO NOT need prior Construction experience as they work alongside a local foreman to complete the work.

Placement description:

Medical centers, childcare centers and Schools within SOFRAA under construction projects and SOFRAA local communities facilities renovation program.

Medical Program

Uganda has one of the poorest medical facilities and healthcare centers in Africa and the highest ratio of HIV/AIDS- which is around 9% of the population- in addition to a poor healthcare knowledge and scarcity of doctor-1 doctor to every 10,000 patient- Uganda healthcare system is in a bad need of help.

Program Objective:

To improve the quality of healthcare facilities, provide suitable healthcare education and to raise the community hygiene awareness.

Program Mission:

Volunteers are required to work and assist in healthcare centers; to raise the community healthcare and hygiene awareness through organizing creative healthcare events.

Experience required:

Volunteers need to be a registered doctor, nurse or lab technician in his country or have certified knowledge and training to assist in a healthcare center.

Placement description:

SOFRAA cooperates with a lot of healthcare centers that need a helping hand. They are poor in supplements and facilities so again don’t expect to work in a fancy hospital. SOFRAA also organizes healthcare events that travel to rural areas in Uganda to serve the ones with no access to any healthcare facility.

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