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We empower communities for more sustainability.
Our impact provides communities with basic needs such as food, water, health, job opportunities, training to do small business and be able to provide the families, and most importantly education that helps them to have it all. We also give a helping hand in case of crisis, weather it is natural as after tsunamis or man-made as in case of refugees.



Water and sanitation


Sofraa schools are preparing for the new academic year 2023!!
The academic year in Uganda has 3 semesters and starting in Feb and ending in November.


Food aid


We started a new income-generating project for the community ladies in 2 villages Wakisi and Mbiko, which is producing bar soap as it is widely used in Uganda for laundry and washing utensils. We organized training for around 20 ladies in each village on how to start their own project, how to prepare the product which is bar soap in this case, how to price their product, and how to choose and enter the market. The ladies started first producing the soap under the supervision of the training for a couple of batches then now they can produce it themselves. 

Kalenzo Josephine is 37 years old, a divorced lady, and has 2 children. She used to work as a teacher but then she had a stroke and got paralyzed since then. Now what she can do is make crafts using environmental resources such as banana leaves which are popular in Uganda and we support her and other ladies by giving them a space to work and by trying to sell their products. You can find the products in our shop on the website and Facebook page. You also can help her support her family by buying her product!


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