Our Volunteering Programs in Uganda

While you are volunteering, remember that you are a “SAFER” or representative for your country, ethics, beliefs, and SOFRAA Organisation. You will know a lot of new people from different cultures Ugandans or other volunteers, so prepare yourself for diverse cultural exposure. Since 2015, more than 150 volunteers have joined our programs.


Volunteering Programs Overview

The SOFRAA Uganda program places volunteers on a variety of projects including:


School Work

  • Teaching
  • Health Education
  • Administration work
  • Teachers’ Training
  • Students activities

Construction and Renovation

  • Boreholes digging
  • Mosques and classes construction
  • Painting and renovation

NB Please; ask for more details about the available programs and tasks at your chosen time.

Programs Descriptions


Uganda’s education system is very poor; however, children have a strong enthusiasm and desire for education and are always eager to learn. The presence of a foreigner “Mzungu” is always unique for them.

Schools in Uganda run for three terms a year as follows:

Term OneFebruary to April
Term TwoMay to July
Term ThreeSeptember to November

Program Objective

Develop the academic ability of Sofraa school to help the needy reach the level of quality education.


Things you can help with

Construction, Renovation, and Boreholes Inspection

Program Objective

To provide a source of funds and a helping hand for the community’s facilities that are in great need of construction or renovation.

Program Mission

Volunteers are required to assist in manual labor jobs alongside skilled and unskilled local workers to help with the construction work. Volunteers’ tasks can include but are not limited to construction, renovating painting, landscaping, refurbishing sports fields, and bricklaying.



Only breakfast will be included in the accommodation facility, but there is a variety of restaurants with various cultural foods such as Ugandan, Indian, Chinese, and Turkish. This will be clarified in the orientation. The average meal costs $5.


There is NO washing machine, therefore you will have the following options:

  • Pay to have your clothes hand-washed by locals (ask the accommodation you’re staying at)
  • Hand-wash your clothes yourself.


DON’T EVER DRINK TAP or WELL/BOREHOLE WATER. Always drink bottled water only. Water is not included in the program fees.

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays)

During the weekends, volunteers are free to do whatever they wish. We recommend trying different activities such as rafting, bungee jumping, safari, horse riding, zip lining. If volunteers wish to volunteer over the weekends they can join local teams and visit orphanages to spend more time with the children.

Program Fees include

  • Administration fees 100$
  • Airport round ride 110$
  • Accommodation cost is around $25/day depending on the available camp at the time.
  • Food, water, and internal transportation around $10/day
  • For longer periods the accommodation will be $20/day.
  • You can choose to stay in a doorm (shared mixed room) for $15/day.
  • To give an exact cost is hard but an approximate cost for the program is as follows:
  • For 1 week Program approximately $455
  • For 2 weeks Program approximately $700
  • For 3 weeks Program approximately $804

What costs are not included in the program fees?

  • Visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • In-country tourism trips or tours

Where does the administration fees go?

To support projects and relevant logistics pre and throughout the journey.
Projects include; Schools, orphanages, boreholes, healthcare centers, workshops, and salaries for the local staff which helps the community sustain itself.

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