Less than 40% of Uganda’s population has access to safe drinking water. Municipal water systems rarely reach the poorest, most remote communities, and where they do reach populations, quality and quantity are often inadequate due to poor system operation and maintenance.

In Sofraa, we have 2 types of borehole projects; the difference between them depends on the way of digging.


Artisan Machine Borehole

  • The artisan machine borehole is dug using a machine and it is around 150 meters deep.
  • The artisan machine Borehole is of course better as it gives more quantities of cleaner water.
  • Artisan well takes around 3 weeks to get done.

Hand Dug Borehole

  • The digging is done by hand and it is around 50 meters in depth
  • The hand-dug well is fair for usage and it does what the community needs quite well
  • It takes around 6 weeks to get done
  • We use stainless steel pipes hand pump as stainless steel never rust and is recommended.
  • It can be implemented in two ways; with a bucket or with a hand pump.

Participation Costs

  • For the Artisan Machine Borehole implemented with a hand pump, it costs around $9,000.
  • For the hand dug borehole implemented with a bucket it costs around $1,500. And if it is implemented with hand pump it costs around $3,000.
  • They can all be provided with a solar powered pump and cabinets (to save water in it), and the cost of this entire system costs around $5,000.

Latrines / Sewage treatment

A great contributor to sanitation besides clean water sources is Latrines. Proper sanitation facilities such as latrines promote health since it allows the proper disposal of waste preventing contamination of the surrounding environment and reducing risk to the community members and their neighbors.

Participation costs $2000

Latrines -Sewage-treatment

Soap and disinfectants

We distribute soap on students and teach them how to properly use it as part of spreading the hygienic behaviors as a preventive action from diseases.

You can support by cash or in kind donations for getting soap and disinfectants